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Home Order by Katherine Gibson

January 11 - March 11, 2021

painting of garbage in the ocean

Home Order is a collection of work exploring the internal vs external, private vs public, and construction vs deconstruction.  It is anchored in the experience of the stay at home orders and subsequent isolation brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic.  Familiar household items that are traditionally designed to comfort and protect are brought to the foreground and used to mark the slow, inexorable progress of time towards uncertain ends.

The human need for socialization has been increasingly met via media, both print and social.  They offer a version of connection consumed in private, the world brought into a bedroom.  Looking at the overlap between private and public spheres of imagination, I paint young women in indeterminate landscapes and interiors, their secret moments experienced as a collective.  Quilts are made from teen magazines, public texts that shape individual conceptions of the world.  Old paintings have been cut up and sewn back together into new contexts.  My reuse of materials and adherence to the prescribed patterns inherent in quilt-making are reflected in the content of the media we digest: topics vary little from day to day, public discourse mirroring the indefinite holding pattern we find ourselves in.  A pair of curtains draw their shape and configuration from the wellspring of visual data that have become a source of comfort in unpredictable times.  My subjects and techniques are rooted in the domestic, inviting discourse about changing professional and social landscapes. Covid-19 has blurred the boundaries between the interior and exterior as the home has become a locus of public interaction.  My work from this period is an articulation of the experience of shifting definitions.

About the Artist

Katherine Gibson (b. 1980 in Middletown, Rhode Island) is an artist and educator primarily working in painting who has been trained as a metalsmith. She studied art at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, earning her BA in Sculpture, then moved to Richmond to study metalsmithing at Virginia Commonwealth University.  She brings a keen awareness of craft and labor that is influenced by her study of sociology and philosophy and her professional experience as a metalsmith.  Her research is focused on meaning-making in the intersubjective landscape of media, most recently the world of 1990’s teen magazines, and how these texts are interpreted and expressed by young women. Using textile techniques, painting, and recycled teen magazines, she creates items associated with comfort and protection. In so doing, she illuminates disparities between the fictive construction of an ideal self in the world and the less glamorous, easily overlooked reality of teens’ life experiences.   She earned her MFA in Painting from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning, in 2020.

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