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"Persist" by Kelly Frigard

May 1-June 26; Reception May 8,12-1 p.m.


Kelly Murray Frigard received her Master of Fine Arts degree in inter-media art from the University of Iowa in 1996.  She has traveled widely to northern climates pursuing her interest in traditional art forms including weaving, knitting, spinning wool and felting. Frigard received a Fulbright Fellowship to study traditional textiles in Sweden for two years at Saterglantan Hemslojdens gard in Insjon, Handarbetets Vanner in Stockholm and Jurva College of Arts and Crafts in Finland. In addition to her work in fiber, Frigard’s work includes mixed media, metalsmithing and drawing.  She is a professor of Fine Art and co-coordinator of the Fine Arts Area at UC Clermont. Her new show, “Persist,” explores visual and written images through photography and poetry surrounding the theme of memory and loss.

“After the loss of my sister, writing became a way to process and frame my thoughts; it provided a structure and a safe haven for the chaos that pain inevitably produces,” Frigard said of her work in “Persist.” “Collecting and composing images, both in visual and written form, allowed me to reassemble a story about both my sister and myself as we journeyed through the world together for nearly half a century.”

"Practice" by Clint Woods

March 4 - April 25; Reception April 9, 4-5 p.m.

Clint Woods is a Cincinnati-based painter and designer. He received his MFA in new media from the College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in printmaking from Northern Kentucky University. Woods has been featured in a handful of local and regional exhibitions and was the recipient of the Hemera Foundation’s 2014 Tending Space Fellowship.

“A work of art employs a triggering device — a call to seek and reflect — that makes conscious what has been buried in the unconscious, drawing the viewer into awareness,” Woods said about his work for “Practice.” “The work manifests as an offering. Through images and forms, I hope to share with others that which is formless — awe, wonder, pattern and connection.

"Abandoned" by Eric Anderson

Jan. 7 - Feb. 27, 2019

photo of window in an abandoned building

From photographer Eric Anderson: "An ongoing theme for my photography has been abandoned places. It started by just stopping and noticing the empty buildings that everyone else walked past, ignored, and forgot about. These forgotten places spoke to me and I wondered what they were like on the inside. Eventually I got brave enough to find a way in and I was inspired by what I found.  

"The environments are often chaotic and overwhelming, so I find myself drawn to the simplicity of the small details. I now see beauty in the decay. It’s there if you just look close enough. These experiences have made me realize that life is more appealing once you stop judging things by how they were supposed to be and accept them how they actually are. It’s something I hope to do in other aspects of my life … and maybe I’m hoping other people will think that way about me."