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Collecting Space and Form: Ideas of the Modern from the DAAP Library

September 4-December 13

Reception: October 16, 3-5 p.m.

Procter Hall architecture

In the mid-20th-century, Cincinnati architects created buildings and planning that is of local, national and international importance. Cincinnati played a significant but largely unrecognized role in the introduction of International Style Modernist architecture to the United States. Cincinnati’s Modernist architecture forms a highly progressive legacy in a city that is frequently and mistakenly viewed as predominantly conservative.  

The Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP), at the University of Cincinnati's main campus, has been collecting and archiving drawings, photographs and other materials related to Cincinnati Modernist architecture since 2008. This exhibit focuses upon Cincinnati Modernist architect Woodie Garber, who had an important though sometimes tense relationship with the university. In the late 1960s-70s, Garber did a master plan and designed several buildings for UC. Two of his buildings were built: the Sander Hall dormitory complex and Procter Hall for the College of Nursing and Health. Sander Hall dormitory was demolished (though its adjacent cafeteria building survives, repurposed for new uses) and Procter Hall has been re-clad and remodeled. Garber also interacted with UC by employing many DAAP architecture students as cooperative education (co-op) interns in his office and hiring some after their graduation.  Garber’s Modernist legacy, both at the University of Cincinnati and in the larger Cincinnati area, is worth exploring. 

Visit Modernnati for additional topics related to Cincinnati Modernist architecture.

Further emphasizing the breadth of collecting at UC are artists’ books from the DAAP Library focusing on the link between art and language. The abstract nature of language is emphasized by the variety of ways in which artists, architects and designers have used the format of the book to challenge the relationship of space, text, and image. The focus on books which directly engage the topics of language and book-making range from architects’ sketchbooks, which translate space through two-dimensional line and text, to encyclopedic formats, to the structural challenges of the origami-inspired artists’ books. 

This selection of modern works from the vast collection links the ideas of space and form, from the archival aspects of architecture, to the collecting of the three-dimensional as it meets in the two-dimensional, in artists’ books. 

Curated by Patrick Snadon, professor emeritus, design & architectural historian; Elizabeth Meyer, DAAP librarian; and Carla Cesare, assistant professor of art history.