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Penchant by Devan Horton

August 24 - October 29

painting of garbage in the ocean

In my current series, Penchant, I am exploring our culture's obsession with consumption and waste by analyzing our relationship with trash. Through experimentation with color and texture, threatening piles of trash evoke feelings of curiosity and playfulness while also creating a sense of foreboding. I aim to confront my audience with this obsession allowing them to rethink their own individual relationship with the things they consume, while also making them pay closer attention to the amounts of trash around them. Even with all of the current reports on climate change I still see too many of us wasting, dumping, and littering. We as a collective have become too used to seeing cigarettes being flicked out of cars and piles of garbage on the streets. My paintings are a reminder of what that can look like. I frequently turn towards nature in order to assist in the cultural shift in mindset that I feel is imperative. More frequently I focus on the more unpleasant realities. This shift in mindset can manifest internally or as a larger call-to-action. Penchant fetishizes our relationship with trash in hopes to convince others that even with the endless social and economic issues compounding around us, our planet is always of the utmost importance, and we, as a species, must work together to preserve its beauty for generations to come.

Artist Devan Horton

About the Artist

Devan Horton is an emerging Northern Kentucky artist who creates oil paintings to call attention to the ongoing issue of waste in our culture. Since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Northern Kentucky University, Devan has crafted and promoted her artistic career by exhibiting in local and national galleries as well as by undertaking entrepreneurial endeavors, for example, a series of pop-up galleries and shows named “Perennial” in her hometown of Covington. 

Visit devanhorton.com to learn more.


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Due to Covid-19 the gallery viewing hours are open only to the university community (faculty, staff and students).  Viewing is currently closed to the general public.  We hope you will join us in the future when we are able to resume our normal gallery hours.

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