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Gallery Information

2019-20 Season Schedule

Ed Smith

UC DAAP Exhibit

Emil Robinson

Emily Moores

Urban Sketchers

July 10-Aug. 27

Sept.4-Dec. 13

Jan. 6-Feb. 27

Mar. 4-Apr. 29

May 6-June 25


on dis-PLAY by Emily Moores

March 4 - April 29

Artist Reception: March 31, 12-1 p.m.

ornate paper art

Rolled, cut, and folded paper appear as a unified and ornate mass. Patterns and ornamentation overlap, making the paper appear tumultuous. I view ornamentation as enabling a sensory experience through the use of details, which create textures and formations. I create objects that are fragile and detailed, yet also ominous and tumultuous. 

Visit emilymoores.com to learn more about the artist.


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