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"Drawings" by Ed Smith

July 10-August 27

angel torso drawing

There is no irony here. I am a Romantic and make no apologies. These drawings conjure memories and thoughts of Goya, Rodin and the “gods” I grew up studying. They aren’t witty, ironic or hip. They are as honest, humble and resonate as I can be. In my work I use drawing to help discover and articulate sculptural images. By doing hundreds of drawings I “find” these images. Small wax models are made and drawn from. These are translated into unique small bronzes, sometimes up to 30 different small variations. After these bronzes are cast I began the larger sculptures with still more drawings. The constant work helps me to understand and personalize the image, to give it meaning and resonance. They are reminders that heroism is still possible and that ideas spring from labor.