UC Clermont

Hand Sanitizer Station Picture & Locations

Hand sanitizer stations can be found in a number of locations on the UC Clermont College campus. 

hand sanitizer station

Wall Mount Hand Sanitizer Locations

Cougar Café (2)

West Woods: Second floor kitchenette

Snyder: 146, 171, 276, 278

McDonough: 110, 150, 202 (Dean’s conference room), 205, 210

Hand Sanitizer Stands

West Woods: First floor lobby

Peter-Jones: First floor balcony; second floor hallway; basement in Student Lounge

Snyder: First floor main entry; west entry; second floor (by 264)

McDonough: first floor front entry; second floor outside Dean's office by stairwell

Student Services: First floor across from front desk; second floor by elevator

Student Activity Center: By front entry and fitness room