UC Clermont

Video Captioning Service

IDTS provides a captioning service to clermont instructors as an effort to make instructional videos accessible to all students. Please understand that we have very limited bandwidth and will process your videos on a first-come, first serve basis. Each instructor can request up to three videos at a time until we have processed all ongoing requests.  

Please do the following so we can have proper access to your video. 

  1. Please make sure to upload your video to your MyMedia account. The captioning tool is only available through MyMedia. 
  2. Please give a meaningful name to your video rather than using the auto-generated name (e.g., Kaltura Capture recording - April 9th 2020, 3:24:01 pm) so we can locate your video. 
  3. If your video content contains specialized terms, terminology, acronyms in a subject area,  please include a copy of your script (upload to the request form), including the terms that you used in your video). We won’t be able to caption your videos without a script.
  4. Once the caption has been completed, you should always double check the caption and make modifications as needed. Please understand that we cannot ensure 100% accuracy of the caption. 
  5. If you need to caption your videos to accommodate a request from the accessibility office. You will be notified by the accessibility office with the following steps. This professional captioning service is covered by the Accessibility Network. 

Please use the IDTS Caption Service Request Form to request a captioning service of your instructional video. IDTS will get in touch with you when we start to process your request.