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Online Teaching FAQ

Please read our online teaching FAQ page. We will keep updating this page as more questions arise.

Online Teaching Information

What if my students or myself do not have internet access at home?

Several vendors provide internet set up free for 60 days or for a low cost. Please see Getting Internet Access page for more information. 

Also, students and faculty can access the college’s wifi with a mobile device from their cars from the traffic circle and from the parking lots adjacent to McDonough Hall.

What technology do I need to teach remotely?

IT@UC has created a page on technology resources for working and learning remotely on the intranet. It includes information on VPN, web conferencing, broadband options, availability of software, etc. Please see this page: Teaching Remotely

What if my students or myself do not have a Webcam? 

There are several apps available for you to turn your smartphone into a Webcam. 

EpocCam is available for iOS devices and Android devices

DroidCam is available for Android devices. 

How do I email my students?

Please see the following option: 

Emailing students using Catalyst

Emailing students using Canvas 

Emailing students using Blackboard

Will my summer 2020 courses show up in Canvas automatically? 

If you are enrolled as an instructor for your Summer 2020 course, you will have access to it within 24 hours. If you do not see your courses in Canvas, please reach out to your department to make sure the instructor assignments have been submitted. 


How do I send out announcements from Canvas?

Please see Sending Canvas announcements

How do I publish a course in Canvas?

Please see How to publish a course in Canvas

How do I make my courses available to students after the semester ends?

If you are using Canvas - Instructors have the ability to extend the end date of their courses which will override the term end date and leave the course open for currently enrolled students. If you have some students need to take an I/ Incomplete for the semester, please read this guide to learn how to manually adjust the available date of your courses and allow your students to access and participant in the course. .

Please note that if you choose to extend your courses, you should end your courses as soon as all students complete them.


What is WebEx and how do I use WebEx?

WebEx is a web-based conferencing tool that allows users the ability to host a variety of events, from small group meetings or virtual office hours to large webinars or conferences.

Please refer to the Using WebEx page.

What is Kaltura and how do I use Kaltura?

Kaltura is UC’s video content creation, streaming and video repository tool. Kaltura video server allows both instructors and students the ability to create, upload, and publish video in courses. 

Please refer to the Using Kaltura page.

What is Microsoft Teams and how do I use Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration software that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. All UC faculty and students have free access to it. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. To date, UC@IT has created a group for all UC courses in Teams, faculty and students are added to the groups soon. 

Please see Using Microsoft Teams page.