UC Clermont

Science Faculty

We have been curating some helpful resources for our science instructors to continue their teaching practice remotely. Please find these resources below. 

Publisher Materials


If you plan to use WebAssign, please read Using WebAssign Page.


Pearson has made all of their materials available to all of our students at no cost. If you are interested, please contact Pearson representative Cory Schafer (cory.schafer@pearson.com
or 614-841-3677).

Teaching Labs Online 

We understand that for some faculty running lab activities online would be a challenge. Please read the Teaching Labs Online page. (add link)

Biology Teaching in the Time of COVID-19: How to Transfer to Online Learning

Biology Teaching in the Time of COVID-19 provides recommendations from the American Society for Microbiology including suggestions for how to handle what are usually hands-on lab activities.


PhETprovides free interactive math and science simulations from the University of Colorado Boulder. Please also check the Accessible Simulation List for simulations with accessibility features.

Learning Resources for Online Science Lab Courses

The Learning Resources for Online Science Lab Courses, provided as a Google Doc by the California Virtual Campus - Online Education Initiative, can help with transitioning a lab course to remote instruction.

Online Resources for Science Laboratories (POD)

Online Resources for Science Laboratories (POD) - Remote Teaching (Google Doc) from Kent State University provides an extensive list of resources for moving your lab science course online.