UC Clermont

Teaching Your Courses Online

Deliver Your Lectures Online

Live or pre-recorded? While you are taking your classes online, consider what course content needs to be delivered live online and what content can be pre-recorded. Pre-recorded lectures usually give faculty more flexibility to prepare the learning content beforehand. It also gives greater flexibility for students to participate and complete courses, especially for students who may have limited access to reliable internet or computer. 

If your course requires live interaction with students, such as answering questions, having students to present and discuss, considering using online tools such as WebEx. Try to think of ways for students to participate during a variety of times to give them more flexibility. 

Record Your Lectures

Option 1: Record your lecture via Kaltura

Faculty have the ability to record content (webpages, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or software demos, etc.) with or without their webcams. Kaltura Capture is a recording software that can be downloaded and used to record short content videos and them upload them to My Media and insert them into course areas in Canvas or Blackboard.

See the Using Kaltura and My Media Page

Option 2: Record your narrative Powerpoints

All UC faculty and staff have access to Microsoft 365, including Powerpoints. You can use Powerpoints to record narrations of your presentation.

See the tutorial for Using Powerpoints to record your presentation

Host your lectures live online

Option 1: Host your lectures live via WebEx off campus

You can use WebEx to do live lectures, group or class meetings, online office hours and other collaborative group work. With WebEx, you have the option of showing yourself using a webcam, or sharing your computer screen to show presentations or documents.

See the Using WebEx Page

Option 2: Live stream your lectures via Echo 360 on campus

Please note that Echo 360 wlll not be available if campus is closed. Faculty have the options to live stream their class from Echo360 equipped classrooms on campus to their students or create video content and upload it to Echo360 for students to watch later. A complete list of the classrooms that are equipped with live device capture can be found here.

See the Using Echo 360 Page

Distribute Course Materials Online

Faculty can use Canvas or Blackboard to distribute course materials. Usually you would need to provide additional course materials to supplement your lectures or textbooks. Please make sure to communicate with students when new material is posted and where to find them. 

Canvas: How do I add assignment types, pages, and files as module items?

Blackboard: How to create content

Virtual Desktop - MyDesk

UC Clermont has set up a virtual desktop—MyDesk so that faculty and students in online courses can use course-related software at no extra cost from the convenience of your home.

UC MyDesk provides access to many commonly used applications, including Office Suite 2019, SPSS, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat, etc. Please review the Using Virtual Desktop—MyDesk page to learn how to use this tool. 

Click here to learn more about Using Virtual Desktop - MyDesk

Run Lab Activities

We understand that for some faculty running lab activities online would be a challenge. Besides using the tools we mentioned before, there are other considerations and resources that are worth exploring. Please read the Teaching Labs Online page. 

Assess Student Learning

Faculty can offer asynchronous online tests and quizzes via Canvas or Blackboard or through other methods.

Option 1: Offer Quizzes online via Canvas

Option 2: Distribute exam PDF electronically

You can distribute a PDF of your exam via Blackboard, Canvas, or email at an appointed time. Students can scan it to a multi-page PDF using an app like CamScanner, or take a picture of their submission and then upload it either to Canvas or Blackboard.

Option 3: Online proctored exams

Online proctoring service allows students to take their exams online off campus. Please read Clermont Online Proctoring page first and if you are interested to have your exams proctored online, please reach out to Karen Lankisch.