UC Clermont

Using Echo 360

Live instruction: Faculty have the options to live stream their class from Echo360 equipped classrooms on campus to their students or create video content and upload it to Echo360 for students to watch later. Clermont classes that are equipped with live device capture are Snyder S166 and Mcdonough 145.

Resources: Getting started with Echo360 is easy. You will need to fill out the Activate Echo360 survey. Next you will receive an email when your Echo360 course is created and you will want to link your Echo360 course to your Canvas course. Students will view the live classes during the same time as they would be in class. More information about Echo360 can be found on the Video Tools page on the Canopy Portal.

Below are a list of help videos and KB articles to help both faculty and students with getting started and using Echo360.

Support: Clermont Technology Support can help both faculty and students with any issues they have with Echo360. Visit the IT@UC Get Help website or (513) 732-5216