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Using Kaltura and My Media

The Kaltura video server allows both instructors and students the ability to create, upload, and publish video in courses. Faculty have the ability to record content (i.e.…webpages, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or software demos) with or without their webcams. Kaltura Capture is a recording software that can be downloaded and used to record short content videos and them upload them to My Media and insert them into course areas in Canvas.

The Tech Side

How do I use Kaltura? 

  • To begin recording in Kaltura, use your UC Central Login account to access Canvas or Blackboard at canopy.uc.edu

Using Kaltura for your online class

Edit Your Video 

After recording and uploading your video, you will be able to access it by logging into Blackboard/Canvas and clicking on My Media. The Kaltura Media Editor in My Media allows for users to trim the beginning or end of videos and splice then remove (chop) portions of a video out.

See the My Media Editing Guide for instructions on editing your video.

Embedding Kaltura Media in your Course in Canvas or Blackboard

You can embed any media that you upload to Kaltura’s My Media into any area that uses the rich content editor such as announcements, modules, discussions, and the assignments area in Canvas or Blackboard.

Canvas Kaltura Embed Instructions

Embedding Kaltura Media in your Blackboard Course

Uploading Existing Videos to My Media 

See the Kaltura Capture Canvas My Media Upload instructions

Recording your Screen and Webcam using Kaltura

See the Kaltura Recording screen and Webcam Guide

Recording a Powerpoint Presentation using Kaltura

Recording PowerPoint slides enable viewers to easily navigate through a video by jumping to a specific slide, or by searching through the text in the slide. Each PowerPoint slide you use during the recording creates a chapter in the recording. See the Recording a PowerPoint Presentation with Kaltura Capture Guide

Using the Annotations Tool While Recording

See the Kaltura Capture Annotation tools Guide

Integrating Kaltura Video Quizzes in Canvas Grades

Instructions for adding Kaltura video quiz results to your Canvas gradebook

See the Integrating Kaltura Quizzes Guide

Understanding Analytics in Kaltura

Analytics are a good way to track the viewing of video/audio content. It is a good way to find out if students are viewing video/audio content, which content students are viewing the most, and which topics challenge your students the most. See the Kaltura Video Analytics Guide

More information about Kaltura, My Media and Kaltura Capture can be found on the Video Tools page on the Canopy Portal.

Learn More: Kaltura Frequently Asked Questions