UC Clermont

Physical Therapist Assistant Costs

UC Clermont has the lowest tuition of all the UC colleges. Ohio residents will find our tuition among the lowest in the state. The rate per hour is $240, (which includes $215 per term fee for allied health students). Total cost estimates for the two year program range from $22,930 for instate students and $34,868 for out of state students.

We also require student membership in the APTA. Current cost for student membership is $60-$80 per year for the final core year only (cost varies slightly, depending upon the state of residence).

Additional Costs

  • Books: can run up to $1500 for the total program if you purchase new textbooks for all courses.
    • You can save considerable money if you buy used books or rent textbooks.
  • Background check: $25-65 (required by practicum site, some may require federal and state checks)
  • Needle stick insurance: may run up to $31 per year (waived if the student carries UC insurance)
  • Supply kit: optional, costing up to $120, including carrying bag.
  • Clinical travel and expenses: $800
  • Other Supplies: $50
  • Uniform cost: $35
  • Medical tests, exam, vaccinations: $325
  • Scorebuilders Practice examination fee—only in year two: $50
  • Pre-Core cost: ATI TEAS Aptitude Survey, $55 charge during application period, maximum of one take per application cycle.
Substantial savings for out-of-state residents (who live in bordering Tri-state counties) is available.