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Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty Profiles

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Carolyn Shisler

Assistant Professor Educator, CC Physical Therapy Assisting

285 CC West Woods Acad Cntr


Prof. Shisler is an Assistant Professor and the Program Director for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

She holds a B.S. in physical therapy from Marquette University and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Cincinnati. 

Her teaching content is in the area of acute care physical therapy and the medically complex patient. Most recently, her focus has been on improving collaboration and communication within the PT-PTA team. Prof. Shisler has established intraprofessional experiences with two local DPT programs and completed her master’s theses on the intraprofessional team as it relates to the entry-level skills for the acute care PTA.

Her goal as a faculty member is to relate her love for her patients and her profession to her students.  Physical therapy is more than just treating a diagnosis, it is treating a person. She is also passionate about teaching physical therapists and student physical therapists the abundance of knowledge and skills that physical therapist assistants bring to the clinical setting and their patients.

Despite her teaching and administrative schedule, Prof. Shisler continues to work at The Christ Hospital in the acute care setting evaluating and treating people who are critically ill and/or recovering from medical and surgical diagnoses. She has been a practicing PT for over 30 years.
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Katie Elizabeth Faris

Asst Professor - Educator, CC Physical Therapy Assisting



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June Owens