UC Clermont

Advisors by Program

Advisors can be contacted using the email address or phone number listed below. Advising appointments can be scheduled with most advisors through the online appointment system in Catalyst under “My Advising.”  

To reach the Advising Center in general, contact clermont.advising@uc.edu

UC Online Program Advising

Continuing UC Online students have both an academic advisor and student success coordinator available to assist them.

  • Jennifer Seabaugh, Craig Beesten, Nikki Gamm and Temesha Corbin, academic advisors. They create graduation plans, help you with academic recovery and will connect you to campus resources including: EXCITE (Career Services); accommodations/accessibility resources; counseling services; and Learning Commons for academic support services (tutoring/academic strategies).
  • Kyle Cline, Megan Gladfelter, Anthony Gross, and Allison Miller, student success coordinators. They help you with class registration; questions about textbooks and other course materials; important dates and deadlines; and any course issues or questions.

Online Programs  

  • Accounting Technology
  • Applied Administration (BTAS)
  • Business Information Technology
  • Business Management Technology
  • Cancer Registry Management
  • Financial Management Technology
  • Health Information Systems
  • Healthcare Management Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Law and Paralegal Studies
  • Marketing Management Technology
  • Medical Biller/Coder
  • Physician Practice Management
  • Supply Chain Management


UC Clermont Advisors by Program

Table of UC Clermont Advisors Listed by Program

*Designated online programs. Please see UC Online Program Advising note above.
Advisor Name and Email Address
Phone Number
Accounting Technology* (associate degree and certificate)
Temesha Corbin


Applied Administration*

Enrolled Prior to 2020

Michelle Kegley (A-L)

Temesha Corbin (M-Z)


Enrolled After 2020

Temesha Corbin







Applied Administration - Manufacturing Technology
Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Aviation Technology Emily Wagner 513-558-8317
Biological Sciences Craig Beesten 513-558-8317
Business Information Technology* Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Business Management Technology Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Cancer Registry Management* Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Chemistry Nancy Coscia 513-558-8317
Computer Aided Design Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Computer Aided Manufacturing Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Computer Network Security
Temesha Corbin
Computer System Support Technology
Temesha Corbin
Criminal Justice Technology (Corrections, Law Enforcement, Police Academy)
Craig Beesten 513-558-8317
Digital Media Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Early Childhood Education
Emily Wagner 513-558-8317
Emergency Medical Services Ray Horton 513-558-8317
English Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Environmental Studies Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Exploratory Studies (non-degree) Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Financial Management Technology* Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Health Information Systems

Jennifer Seabaugh (A-T)

Temesha Corbin (U-Z)

Health Information Systems* - Cancer Registry Management


Temesha Corbin
Healthcare Management Technology*
Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Healthcare Professional Ray Horton 513-558-8317
History Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Individual Studies Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Information Technology* (associate degree and certificate) Craig Beesten 513-558-8317
Liberal Arts Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Manufacturing Engineering Technology Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Marketing Management Technology*
Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
Medical Assisting Ray Horton 513-558-8317
Medical Biller/Coder* - certificate
Jennifer Seabaugh 513-558-8317
Paralegal Studies* (associate degree and certificates) Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
 Physical Therapist Assistant

Ray Horton (pre-cohort)

Caroyln Shisler (cohort)

Physician Practice Management* - certificate
Temesha Corbin
Pre-Business Administration (UC & NKU) Emily Wagner 513-558-8317
Pre-Elementary Education Emily Wagner 513-558-8317
Pre-Engineering (non-degree) Nancy Coscia 513-558-8317
Pre-Health Sciences (Pre-Athletic Training, Pre-Medicine/Physician Assistant,
Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy)
Ray Horton 513-558-8317
Pre-Medical Laboratory Sciences Ray Horton 513-558-8317
Pre-Middle Childhood Education (all subplans)
Emily Wagner 513-558-8317
Pre-Mortuary Science Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Pre-Nursing (non-degree) Nancy Coscia 513-558-8317
Pre-Pharmacy (non-degree) Nancy Coscia 513-558-8317
Pre-Secondary Education (all subplans) Emily Wagner 513-558-8317
Pre-Special Education (all subplans) Emily Wagner 513-558-8317
Pre-Speech Language Hearing Sciences Ray Horton 513-558-8317
Pre-Sport Administration Ray Horton 513-558-8317
Psychology Craig Beesten 513-558-8317
Public Health Ray Horton 513-558-8317
Respiratory Care Emily Clem
Social Work Ray Horton 513-558-8317
Software Productivity II* - certificate Nikki Gamm 513-558-8317
Supply Chain Management* Temesha Corbin 513-558-8317
 Surgical Technology Brenda Poynter  
Writing - Certificate Nikki Gamm   513-558-8317