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Review Majors at UC Clermont.

This form is for UC Clermont students currently enrolled in an associate or certificate program requesting a change of academic program or addition to their academic program within UC Clermont. 

  • Want to transition to Clermont from UC Clifton or UC Blue Ash?
    If you are a UC Clifton or UC Blue Ash student seeking to transition to Clermont College, apply here (PDF).

  • Returning to UC Clermont?
    If you are a former UC student seeking re-admission to Clermont College, apply here.

  • Seeking admission to the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies?
    If you are a current UC Clermont student seeking to enter the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS) program, apply for admission here.

See University policy regarding Double Majors and Double Degrees.

Students are strongly advised to consult with their academic advisor prior to submitting an application for graduation.

Change of College Forms

See Transition Advising for more information or Apply for a Change in College (select college from left).