UC Clermont

Advising Expectations

We have developed certain expectations that layout the key responsibilities for our students and help ensure you are successful in your academic career. Please see details below.


  • Schedule via Starfish Connect (located in Blackboard) or by calling 513-558-8317.
  • Students who are more than 15 minutes late will be asked to reschedule. Please be on time for your appointment.
  • Questions related to your specific degree progress or academic records require an appointment.
  • Open, walk-in advising is available during the week before a new semester begins and the first week of a semester.

Learning Outcomes

Academic Advising learning outcomes and demonstrated UC Clermont core value(s).
Outcome Clermont Core
Work with their academic advisor(s) to develop educational plans that will guide them to graduation

Information Literacy

Critical Thinking

Know the specific degree requirements for their academic programs Information Literacy
Know the name and office location of their academic advisor and their student success network personnel and the role these folks play in the student’s educational experience

Information Literacy

Critical Thinking

Be able to develop an appropriate class schedule and register online Knowledge Integration
Learn to utilize the online University tools (i.e., Catalyst, Blackboard, Starfish, etc.) to facilitate their time at the University Knowledge Integration
Understand the importance of University Dates & Deadlines and other Policies & Procedures as outlined on the Office of Registrar’s site

Knowledge Integration

Critical Thinking

The Learning Commons

Individual, group, drop-in tutoring services. 104 Peter-Jones Building. clermont.tutoring@uc.edu. 513-556-3244.

Accessibility Resources

For students who have documented disabilities this office may be able to assist you with accommodations. 105 Peter-Jones Building. meghann.littrell@uc.edu. 513-558-8225.

CAPS Counseling

Assistance with personal, academic, and crisis counseling. 201 Student Services Building. 513-556-0648.

Experiential Learning and Career Education

Assistance in career coaching, major & career exploration, internships/externships, employment services. 141 Snyder Building. glenda.neff@uc.edu. 513-558-0008.

One Stop Center

For assistance with academic and enrollment information, financial literacy and student billing. 100 Student Services Building. onestop@uc.edu. 513-556-1000.

Student Life & Activities

Supports on-campus student organizations and college-wide events. 100 Student Services Building. jennifer.radt@uc.edu. 513-558-8234.

Veterans Affairs

Provides support to veterans in using their educational benefits and acts as a referral service. 100 Student Services Building. jennifer.radt@uc.edu. 513-558-8234.

  • Accept responsibility for decisions and the investments you make in your education
  • Become knowledgeable about college programs, policies and procedures
  • Utilize the tools available to you to track and monitor progress toward graduation
  • Attend appointments and/or make email contact with your advisor each semester
  • Come prepared to each appointment with questions or material for discussion and take notes during your appointment
  • Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern
  • Complete all "to dos" or recommendations from your advisor
  • Assist you in gaining decision making skills and skills in assuming responsibility for your educational plans and achievements
  • Understand and effectively communicate the curriculum, graduation requirements, university policies and procedures, and program or policy changes
  • Be accessible for meetings with you within office hours for advising, email, or web access and will respond to your inquiries within 48 hours or provide alternative contacts
  • Encourage and support you with information about strategies for utilizing resources and services available to you
  • Monitor and accurately document progress
  • Collaborate to ensure academic success


It’s important to take time to consider your goals before you meet with your academic advisor. Please complete the “Goals” section of the Academic Advising Syllabus (PDF) before your appointment.