Outreach Services

Mission: Outreach Services responds to community needs by providing accessible education, training and enrichment opportunities for lifelong learning. 

UC Clermont’s Outreach Services office coordinates training and education for business and individuals, including professional development, enrichment programs, and camps.  Programs are held at UC East, UC Clermont, and various locations throughout the community.

Some programs offered through Outreach Services:

  • Credit programs offered off-campus, in alternate formats, or for specialized audiences.
  • Non-credit programs including assessment, training, continuing education and enrichment programs.
  • Combined online, non-credit and credit programs that are customized to meet client needs.
  • Resources from the University of Cincinnati delivered to the UC Clermont service area.

Check our latest public enrollment class schedule at https://webapps2.uc.edu/cmrs/CLER/

For more information, contact Glenda Neff at 513-558-0008 or email glenda.neff@uc.edu.