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Academic Opportunities for Senior Citizens

The Senior Audit program is designed for adults 60 years or older who have resided in Ohio for at least one year. The term audit indicates that the student is taking a UC course without receiving any credit for having taken the course.

Under certain conditions, senior adults may audit courses at the University of Cincinnati free of cost.

How to sign up for a course as a Senior Audit student

Step 1: Complete a Basic Data Form.

Step 2: On the day the course starts, check One Stop Student Services Center to determine if the course is still open. If the course appears available, complete an Add/Drop form. The instructor MUST SIGN the completed Add/Drop form.

Step 3: Once the add/drop slip is signed by the instructor, the student must deliver the form to the One Stop Student Service Center located in the Student Services Building, Ste. 100, in order to be enrolled in the course.

If you have any questions regarding the application procedure or course offerings, we are here to help. Give us a call at 513-558-8317 or send us an email.

Resources for Senior Audit Students

Student Email

UConnect E-mail is UC's Official Means of Communication with Students, and all UC students must use their UConnect account. A UConnect e-mail account is provided to all University of Cincinnati students and will be used for all official university communications.


The Clermont Bookstore offers all required and recommended textbooks and course packs plus everything from school supplies to Clermont and UC apparel. In-store and online.

One Stop Student Services Center

UC's Central Administration Service, the One Stop Student Service, enables you to take care of business online or in person without having to run all over campus. You can register for classes, accept your financial aid award, pay your bill, check your grades, request a transcript and more.


Students may park without charge anywhere in student parking.

Our parking stalls are color coded to make it easier for you to determine where you can park:

  • White-lined stalls: Students, visitors, contractors, and any valid Uptown or branch parking permit.
  • Blue-lined stalls: Handicapped only. State issued handicapped permits and plates are accepted; temporary UC permits are available from the Business Office, for those with a doctor's note explaining the medical necessity and recovery time.
  • Yellow-lined stalls: Faculty & Staff only; Zone A permits from Uptown are also eligible