Facilities Policies

Number Name Link Status
034.FS.001a Facilities Use - Internal PDF Approved
034.FS.002 Postings in Public Areas PDF Approved
034.FS.003 Office Standards for Faculty PDF Approved
034.FS.004 Office Standards for Staff PDF Approved
Number Name Link Status
034.FS.101                    Clermont College Building Emergency
Policies and Procedures
PDF Approved
034.FS.102 UC East Building Emergnecy Policies and Procedures PDF Approved
034.FS.103 Faculty-Staff Lounge Use PDF Approved
034.FS.104 Lactation Room Use PDF Approved
034.FS.105 Transport of Firearms using UC Vehicles PDF Approved
034.FS.106 Moving, Packing & Labeling Guideline PDF Approved
034.FS.107 Charge for lost key
PDF Approved
Number Name Link Status
Advisory 22.0 Animals-On-Campus PDF Approved