UC Clermont

Accommodation Form Purpose and Explanation

The purpose of the Accommodation Form (AF) is to inform your instructors of your accommodation needs. It is your responsibility to take the form to your professor and discuss your needs based on the class you are taking

Step 1

Make an appointment to meet with your professors outside of class.

After receiving your Accommodation Form from Accessibility Resources, make an appointment to meet with your professors during their office hours. These hours can be found on the course syllabus for each class. This will maintain your confidentiality and offer you a "one-on-one" opportunity to engage your professors.

Step 2

During your meeting with your professors, you want to review the Accommodation Form and then discuss how your accommodations will be provided in relation to that specific course. Taking your syllabus would be helpful when doing this.

Examples of arrangements that could be made during this meeting are:

  • Discussing if there will be any pop quizzes, and how you would receive your accommodations for those.
  • Discussing the need for a Note Taker (if this is one of your accommodations) and providing the professor with the Note Taker Form; reviewing with the professor that they will need to ask for a volunteer in class and continue to announce it until someone volunteers.
  • Discussing your understanding about the process for using Testing Services for quizzes and Tests.

We also suggest that you take a copy of your academic schedule with you during the appointment. This will allow your professor to understand if you will need to modify your exam schedule time based on your accommodations and your academic schedule.

Student Name: Bobby Bearcat
Student Accommodations: Extended Time - Double Time on Exams

Fall Semester Academic Schedule
MATH 0039-001 (Algebra for College)
Course Day and Time: MWF 9:05 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

PSYC 2013-001 (Positive Psychology)
Course Day and Time: MWF 10:10 a.m. - 11:05 a.m.

Based on Bobby's accommodation of Extended Time - Double Time on Exams, he will require an adjusted testing schedule for exams which may occur on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.

If Bobby wanted to utilize his accommodation for his 9:05 a.m. math class, he will need to discuss alternate testing arrangements with his math professor so there will be no conflicts with his 10:10 a.m. psychology class.

Please see Mrs. Simerly in AR for assistance with scheduling conflicts.