UC Clermont

Career Services Mission


Career Services at UC Clermont seeks to engage students and alumni in the process of exploring, developing and pursuing a high-performance career pathway, leading to positive impacts on the community where they live and on the global workforce.


Recognizing that career development is a continuing process, the mission of Career Services is to empower UC Clermont students and alumni in their career discovery by providing career resource development, experiential learning opportunities and community engagement, which make best use of their interests, skills, strengths, values and knowledge through:

  • Exploring and choosing academic majors and career options
  • Obtaining, participating in and reflecting upon experiential opportunities not limited to externships, internships, clinical rotations, practicum, field placement, service learning, co-curricular activities, undergraduate research and other experiences
  • Developing professional, interpersonal and other essential skills for workplace success
  • Designing post-graduation career plans, including transfer options, graduate school, additional certifications and employment
  • Providing assistance to alumni in job search and transition to professional life

As a partner and a resource to the college and a community through:

  • Cultivating and maintaining partnerships with employers
  • Serving as a resource to staff, faculty and community
  • Hosting career events that allow students to apply practical knowledge of job search and career readiness to employer interactions as well as build awareness of employment options
  • Offering opportunities for students to connect to Clermont County and Greater Cincinnati, integrating the classroom with the community and workplace
  • Remaining current on workplace, recruitment, and salary trends as well as economic factors and employment through continued involvement with industry-recognized professional associations and regional business organizations

Goals for Students

  • Possess a strong resume and cover letter
  • Participate in an experiential learning opportunity
  • Build confidence and ability in interviewing
  • Understand how to conduct a job search through traditional and non-traditional search strategies
  • Develop desirable workplace readiness skills including professionalism, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and task prioritization
  • Through investigative inquiry, have a solid understanding of potential majors, career options, and pathways
  • Cultivate knowledge of the best practices and benefits of building a professional network