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Career Video Resources

There are lots of resources out there to help with your job search. Whether it be networking, resumes or business communication, check out some of these videos we love.

These Sportscasters Will Teach Us How to Network
Is there anything more potentially awkward than a networking event? From being too aggressive in handing out your business cards to trying to join a new conversation, there are a myriad of opportunities to embarrass ourselves and have things go awry. Watch this, and be glad this isn’t you.

How to Prepare for a Job Fair
Our friends at Minnesota State University put together this video of how to prepare for the job fair. Check it out to get some helpful tips and tricks before the next career fair.

This Resume Can Help You Get That Job
You want an employer to know what type of person you are and all about your numerous experiences. Honesty is important but doing it in a relevant way will get you the interview. The Resume Angel has some good ideas on what should and shouldn't be included on your resume.