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Salary Negotiations

Negotiating your salary can be stressful and worrisome for both parties. These articles discuss different ways to approach the sensitive subject with your supervisor and when the time is right.

6 Tips for Negotiating with Someone More Powerful Than You
Your mindset during salary negotiation can determine how an employer views your request. Stay calm, stay positive, and use these tips to help set your mind at ease.

6 Resources for Salary Research
When you're negotiating your salary, you should know the statistics on current salary for your job title. Use these resources to help you determine your professional value.

10 Tricks to Getting a Higher Salary
This quick infographic is a great way to prep for salary negotiation when you have a short time window. These simple steps summarize the large points of salary negotiation.

A Fail-Safe Guide to Salary Negotiation
Confidence is key! But there are a few other keys that might be helpful for your success. This slideshow presents a more in depth look at some vital steps for salary negotiation.

5 Smart Approaches to Take When You're Asked to Name Your Salary (Besides Just Writing All the Zeros)
When naming a price know your value and what benefits you can offer the company. Always put yourself in your employers shoes and consider what justifications they want to hear.

5 Rules of Salary Negotiation
Don't let the fear of being perceived as pushy or feeling uncomfortable about the negotiation process keep you from earning the salary you deserve.