UC Clermont

Hire an Intern

Gone are the days of hiring free interns to fetch coffee and staple papers. Today's interns are savvy college students, eager to apply what they are learning in the classroom to your business. Interns gain valuable experience from not only immersing themselves in your workplace and learning your culture, but through gaining perspective on roles within your company, and learning how companies actually do business.

UC Clermont interns come from a variety of majors and programs. Typically, our interns are sophomore associate degree students, or students from our bachelor program. Internships generally last 10-15 weeks are 20 hours a week. Unless internships meet the Department of Labor's standards for unpaid internships, they are paid.

The hiring process works just like a real job, so you'll be able to create a job description, interview and select the candidate that you feel is the best fit. Then, our faculty will meet with you to go over the learning objectives of the internship, and create a schedule for check-ins and updates. Faculty and Career Services will be with you every step of the way to make sure your internship experience is a smooth one, and that you find value in hiring a UC Clermont intern.

Ready to bring your first UC Clermont intern onboard? Contact Glenda Neff to get started.