UC Clermont

Protect from Scams

How do I protect myself from job scams?

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always do your research on a company before applying! Also remember:

  • Just by Googling the company (or adding the word "scam" in the search), you'€™ll be able to determine if the company is legitimate.
  • You should never have to provide private information (Social Security number, bank account number, a photo copy of your ID, etc.) just to be considered for the position.
  • If the company is not well known, don't agree to direct deposit.
  • As a candidate for a job, you should never pay a recruiter; the companies do that. You should also never have to pay the company or agree to a wire transfer.
  • Be wary of jobs that say "œno experience necessary"€ or if there is very little to no information about the job in the posting.
  • Emails from the company should match the company's website domain (i.e., Jdoe@companyname.com, not jdoe@gmail.com).
  • You can always call the company and confirm the job is actually open. If you can'€™t find a phone number for the company, that'€™s probably a sign the company is not legitimate.