UC Clermont

On-Campus Employment

What does an on-campus job normally look like?

Students can normally find jobs in different offices on campus that will require knowledge of administrative duties and tasks. On-campus jobs will be no more than 20 hours per week.

What are the benefits of on-campus employment?

Studies show that students involved in on-campus jobs feel more connected to their university and take pride in their work. However, too many hours of work can have a negative effect on students’ performance and grades. Since students can only work 20 hours a week at on-campus jobs there tends to be a balance between school and work. However, if you feel that 20 hours is still too much, talk to your supervisor about your priorities as a student.

What is the difference between Federal Work Study jobs and On-Campus jobs?

Federal work study jobs are reserved for students who demonstrate financial need to the government. On-campus jobs are available to all students despite financial need.

Where can I find on-campus jobs?

On-campus jobs are listed at https://clermontcareerservices.wordpress.com