UC Clermont


Students will be able to apply their classroom experience to their internship experience.

Imagine if you had an opportunity to road-test the knowledge and skills that you are building while completing your degree program. Wouldn’t it be helpful to apply them while actually working for a company? And as an added bonus, have an opportunity to meet others working in your chosen field, with whom you can network? Internships are your chance to further your career development BEFORE you graduate.

Internships are the perfect opportunity to get real-world experience, while getting a better picture of how the world of business operates and how you'€™ll fit into it. Internships last anywhere from a few weeks to a semester, and are often paid. Companies hire interns to do real work -- not staple papers and get coffee -- although those are necessary tasks too.

UC Clermont internship can be counted for academic credit if your program provides that option. Check with your advisor to find out if internships for credit are available for your program.

In addition to internships, there are other forms of experiential learning opportunities including fieldwork, practicums and more. Our Career Vocabulary page provides more detail on these and other career terms.