UC Clermont

Starfish Early Alert

Started off on the wrong foot? We can help.

Within the first few weeks of a semester, each participating faculty member completes a Starfish report for students in his/her course that notifies the Advising Center of students who are doing well, and of students who may benefit from additional resources and support.

The notification is not a grade and is not reported in the student’s academic record. Instead, the notification affords students the opportunity to make academic modifications and improvements in a timely manner to achieve scholastic success by the end of the semester. If you have received a notification, please reach out to the faculty member that created the notification for assistance. Your Academic Advisor may also provide you with resources to be successful.

The Early Alert program helps students:

  • Recognize academic challenges
  • Identify resources and strategies to address academic challenges
  • Take ownership and become empowered to accomplish their goals for academic success
  • Take advantage of campus resources available at UC Clermont