Clermont Parking

Clermont Parking

Our parking stalls are color coded to make it easier for you to determine where you can park:

  • Yellow lined stalls: Faculty & Staff only; Zone A permits from Uptown are also eligible.        
  • White lined stalls:  Students, visitors, contractors, and any valid Uptown or branch parking permit.
  • Blue lined stalls:  Handicapped only.  State issued handicapped permits and plates are accepted; temporary UC permits are available from the Business Office, for those with a Doctor’s note explaining the medical necessity and recovery time.

You can also view our parking lot map and UC's parking rates for more information.

Students & Visitors

Students & visitors may park without charge anywhere in student parking. Students who also attend a class or routinely use services on the Clifton campus may get a decal from the Business office, at no additional charge, which will allow parking in specific Clifton lots.

Faculty and Staff

All staff members paid by Clermont College (full-time, part-time, UC Foundation and temporary agency) and staff members of other auxiliary units operating on the Clermont campus must purchase a parking decal for displaying on the vehicle(s) that they park in any of the lots or parking spaces at the College. This decal can be obtained from the College Business Office and may be paid for by using payroll deduction, check or money order.

This decal is also good for parking in specific lots on other UC campuses.