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Placement Assessments

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At UC Clermont we are committed to your success! The placement test is part of that commitment and will assess your skills in various areas to determine the best courses for you to begin a successful academic experience.

Placement Assessment consists of the portions below. Most incoming students need to complete all portions but some students are able to opt out of a placement based on minimum ACT or SAT scores or transfer credit. See score exemptions to determine which placements you need to complete. It will not hurt you to complete a placement even if you could have opted out. So if you are unsure, take them all!

Retakes and Appeals

English Guided Self-Placement Appeal Procedures

Students may request to change the course they chose during the Guided Self Placement survey by emailing the Placement Coordinator at ClermontPlacement@uc.edu. Change of course request must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the term during which the student wishes to begin the English composition sequence. 

Math Placement Test Retake Policy

All students are given the option to retake the test ONLINE one time after 21 days have passed from your first attempt.

Please email clctest@uc.edu to schedule an appointment to retake your Math Placement Test.

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