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Math & Science Support (MASS) Center FAQs

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What is the Math and Science Support (MASS) Center?

The MASS Center offers virtual study tables for many undergraduate mathematics courses, in addition to several science courses that require strong mathematical competency across the university. Study tables provide a collaborative learning space so that students can learn from their peers who have excelled (the table leader) as well as their fellow class members attending the study table. Tutors at MASS study tables will not directly aid with graded homework or course assignments, nor do they "solve" the problems for students. Rather, MASS Center tutors will work with you to determine how to succeed in your class and with a given content question.

Please note, all MASS Center Services for Fall 2020 are available online only.

What services does the MASS Center provide?

  1. Drop-in tutoring: Students will be able to work collaboratively with one another under the guidance of a trained tutor who has previously taken and been successful with the course. No appointment is necessary for these tutoring sessions. More information about the MASS Center and the schedule for when the virtual study table for your course is offered are available on the MASS Center website. Note: Please check the schedule often, as changes may occur the during the semester!
  2. Supplemental Review Session (SRS): Students who enroll in the MATH 1096 credit-based course will be part of a small group working with a tutor once per week. You will review essential prerequisite material, work on problems, present solutions, discuss and correct solutions, and make plans for further preparation outside of class. SRS is available for the following math/statistics courses: MATH 1021, MATH 1044, MATH 1045, MATH 1062, STAT 1031. Sessions will begin the second week of classes, on Aug. 31.

How do I join a virtual study table?

The drop-in MASS Center will open Monday, Aug. 31 for the fall semester. 

Instructions for Using the MASS Center Virtual Study Tables: The study table schedule is available on the MASS website. To join a study table, students should enter the MASS Center WebEx Waiting Room. In the waiting room, a Learning Commons "virtual receptionist" will connect students to the appropriate MASS Tutor via a Microsoft Teams link when it is time for the study table to begin. Please note that students must download the Microsoft Teams app prior to joining a MASS study table. For instructions on how to access the MASS Center virtual study tables, please view this instructional video.

Students seeking one-on-one tutoring in math and science courses should visit Peer Tutoring