UC Clermont

Pre-College Math Tutoring Services

Pre-College Math Tutoring Services is here to help you succeed in your math course! You can receive FREE personalized tutoring from us at a comfortable pace, regardless of your background and confidence levels in math.

Pre-College Math includes the foundational math concepts you need to know before you can complete any college-level math course. Pre-College Math covers the following math concepts: 

  • Numbers and order of operations
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Proportions and percentages
  • Exponents and polynomials 
  • Factoring
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Systems of equations
  • Quadratic equations and more

If you are seeking tutoring in any of the above topics or are enrolled in the following courses, we are here to help you:

  • Mathematical Literacy (MATH 0029)
  • Fundamentals of Algebra (MATH 0030)
  • Introductory Algebra (MATH 0031) 
  • Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0034)

Additional academic support services in math include the Math Placement Test Workshop for students planning to take the UC Math Placement Test and the Math for Science Students Workshop for students taking a science course and in need of a math refresher. Online resources include a series of videos and worksheets that you can use to get guidance and practice at a time and pace that is convenient for you.  

We are located in Jones 106 on the UC Clermont campus. Please stop by between 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Have questions? Email Valentine Johns at Valentine.Johns@uc.edu or call us at 513-558-8319.