UC Clermont

Study Groups and Tutoring

Students enrolled in any of the math courses below can attend these study groups.

  • Mathematical Literacy (MATH 0029)
  • Fundamentals of Algebra (MATH 0030)
  • Introductory Algebra (MATH 0031)
  • Intermediate Algebra (MATH 0034)

Small student groups meet online via Microsoft Teams multiple times a week under the guidance of a UC tutor. You can attend these study groups from the comfort of your couch. We want you to succeed and have a place to come for help, practice, or just to talk about math! If you’re in one of the above math courses, you have already been invited to a study group via email. If you have not received an invitation, please email valentine.johns@uc.edu.  

Fall 2021 Study Group and Workshop Schedule

pre-college math fall 2021 workshop schedule
  • Math 0029 - Mathematical Literacy Workshop
  • Math 0030 - Fundamentals of Algebra Workshop            
  • Math 0031 - Introductory Algebra
  • Math 0034 -Intermediate Algebra
  • MSSW - Math for Science Students 
  • MPTW - Math Placement Test  

Individual Tutoring

Students in need of individual tutoring can email valentine.johns@uc.edu to schedule an appointment with a tutor.

Email/Chat Help

Email valentine.johns@uc.edu with questions or chat with Valentine Johns via Microsoft Teams if you need help.

Transitioning to UC Clermont Learning Commons Support Services

As you begin the new semester, we wanted to provide you with a guide on how to benefit from the following FREE tutoring and academic support services offered at UC Clermont Learning Commons.