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Meet Your Pre-College Math Tutors

Valentine Johns smiling

Valentine Johns leads Pre-College Math Tutoring Services at UC Clermont College. He enjoys helping students sharpen their math skills so they can be more confident in college. His unique ability to break down complex concepts make students feel empowered after every session. Valentine is constantly implementing new ways to engage students and motivate them to exploit their potential to the fullest!

Zoe La smiling

Zoe La is an undergrad business analytics student at UC. She loves to help fellow students develop their skills in math. During her tutoring sessions she engages the student to identify the core areas they are struggling with and then guides the student on a path to better understand the topic since Algebra is a foundational course that equips students with important skills that they need to be successful in college science courses. Seeing her tutees develop their math skills and gain more confidence makes her more confident in her approach. Tutoring has helped her also develop her leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. 

Ariana Bernard

Ariana Bernard is a non-traditional student studying Health Information Systems. She decided to further her education after moving to the Midwest from the West Coast to give her more job opportunities. Ariana understands the value of small groups to learn concepts and to provide a comfortable space for questions among peers. Study groups and one-on-one tutoring have been highlights of her time at UC and uncovered a passion to help others succeed. Having a solid foundation in math lends itself to all areas of study.

Stephanie Garcia

Stephanie Garcia is a UC undergraduate student majoring in biology and neurobiology. Knowledge of math is essential in everyday life, and Stephanie wants to make math easier for students. Throughout her tutoring sessions, she encourages her students to ask for help. Furthermore, she works with them to get down to the source of what they are struggling with and helps them work through the issue. Stephanie shows students how to tackle their math problems using different approaches, and then the student can choose the approach they prefer. Seeing a student start to grasp a math concept brings a smile to Stephanie's face. Working as a tutor will help her develop her confidence and skills like problem-solving, communication, leadership and patience.

Amanda Robinson

Amanda Robinson is an undergrad pre-pharmacy student. Having been a pre-college math student at UC Clermont, she understands what it takes to succeed in math and is excited to help math students along their journey as well. She is passionate about exploring different ways to help fellow students get comfortable with math. Honing this skill will help her in the future to explain medications and the effects they will have on patients.

teresa salomone

Teresa Salomone is a UC undergraduate student double-majoring in Health Information Systems and Mathematical Sciences. She was once a pre-college math student herself, so she understands the struggles and what it takes to succeed in those courses. She loves sharing what she has learned with her fellow students so they can achieve success as well. To optimize comprehension of topics she demonstrates different methods to solve problems, so students can decide which option is best suited for them. It brings her joy when she is able to resolve a student's confusion and helps them grasp the material better. Through tutoring, she is dedicated to impacting her fellow students in a positive way hence uplifting their confidence in their mathematical abilities. 

Krish Kadakia

Krish Kadakia is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in health cciences with a focus in pre-medicine and a minor in Spanish. Krish was born in India and moved to the United States when he was 7. His freshmen year biology teacher once said, "If you cannot explain it to your grandma, you don't understand it well enough." This inspired Krish to become a tutor. He believes tutoring helps him understand concepts better, which in turn makes it easier for him to explain those concepts to his tutees. Krish knows these skills will come in handy in his future role as a doctor. He would like to explain complex diagnoses to patients in simple terms they can understand, so they have the ability to make better decisions about their health.

Photograph of Yatra Patel

Yatra Patel is planning on majoring in either medical sciences or biochemistry. She would like to take a pre-med route, and aspires to be a doctor. Being a doctor is a lot more than understanding the science behind something. It requires the ability to communicate and be welcoming to others. Tutoring at UC Clermont has been a great experience. It has taught her to view and solve problems using various perspectives. What she finds the most rewarding is seeing the improvement of her tutees.

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