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2019 Winner

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Chris Titzer

Chris graduated from UC Clermont in 2012 with a degree in Information Technology. He distinguished himself at UC Clermont as a leader in the classroom. He set an example for his peers both academically and professionally, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA. He then transitioned to the BS IT program at UC.

Since graduation, Chris has returned to the UC Clermont campus many times to speak to IT classes. He brings a message of motivation and encouragement. Chris has hosted IT student groups at his place of employment, Honeywell, providing an inside look at the profession of software development. Chris has created a hiring pipeline from UC Clermont to Honeywell, too: Four graduates of UC Clermont's IT program have worked at the company as software developers and project managers.

Since graduation, Chris has also been tirelessly involved in the autism community. In 2016, Chris began working with University of North Texas researcher Sandy Martin to look for ways to improve the way clinicians diagnosis children with autism. Chris took an unpaid position as lead programmer in developing new analytical software that is used in early intervention efforts in detecting ASD in children. Chris currently sits on the board of directors of Psychsoft,  a company led by Dr. Martin in Denton, Texas. Starting in 2018, he was elected to the board of trustees of the Linden Grove School, a chartered school in Cincinnati that specializes in education for children in with autism. Chris spends a tremendous amount of his time working on behalf of the school to solve the complex problems that have developed from the staggering growth in children needing these services. A majority of his time is spent using his technological knowledge to help advance the schools STEAM curriculum, control costs and  raise money for a new school building. This year, through his current employer, Anthem, Chris plans to do several one-day code camps to introduce students under 12 to writing code.