UC Clermont

Jeni Houser

The Real Deal

UC Clermont's Real Estate Program helps a non-traditional student find her future.

After many years as a stay-at-home mom, Jeni Houser was faced with the daunting prospect of re-entering the workforce — and found a potential answer in a career as a realtor. But first, the former pharmaceutical sales representative had to earn her license. Enter UC Clermont.

"I live in Batavia, so it worked out perfectly," says Houser, who was hired as an assistant at Coldwell Banker before she even enrolled in UC Clermont's Real Estate program. The broker then supported Houser while she completed the certificate courses and sponsored her as she sat for the Ohio state exam. "I took the three weeks of classes and then went on to take my exam."

Houser passed the exam and earned her license on the first try, a feat she attributes to her UC Clermont training. "The classes were amazing, and compared to my coworkers' descriptions of programs at other schools, I had a much better experience. I was the first person in six months at our office who passed the test on the first attempt."

Beyond being experts in the real estate areas of finance, appraisal and business, Houser says it was the way in which her instructors, including Adjunct Professor Linda Smith, taught the classes that made the material come to life. "They were interactive and would keep the classes flowing, making sure we stayed on topic," Houser says. "They had experience. They were wonderful."

Houser, who is now working as a realtor and is also a certified personal trainer and self-described "community maven," says she credits UC Clermont's encouraging environment with her current success in her second career. "Clermont is the best choice for traditional and non-traditional students because of the campus location, the vibe, the low cost and just the fact that the classes are smaller, which provides you with more support," Houser says. "I was nervous going back to the classroom, and UC Clermont made it a really great experience."