UC Clermont


UC Clermont College provides student-centered undergraduate education and life-long learning in an open-access, regional college environment. We foster diversity as well as intellectual, cultural and social development in our community.


UC Clermont College will become the first choice for students who seek quality undergraduate degree opportunities that are accessible and affordable. We endeavor to respond to community needs and to foster lifestyles which are sustainable, culturally rich and rewarding.

Core Values

Scholarship of teaching and learning is central to our success. We promote teaching and learning based on effective student-faculty interactions in small class settings. Our faculty is committed to the highest quality instruction and embrace professional development and continuous improvement of teaching techniques.

Open access provides an educational opportunity to unlock the potential of all students. Its success is based upon effective assessment, appropriate class placement and strong academic support. We provide a nurturing environment for students at all levels to develop self-discipline, which allows them to reach their educational goals.

Lifelong exploration is the result of finding joy in intellectual curiosity and learning. We nurture a hunger for various life-enriching experiences including further appreciation of the arts and sciences. Our students, able to adapt to a rapidly changing world, will be contributing members of our society.

Community results from developing relationships between the members of the college and our extended service area. We encourage citizen involvement and responsibility to society. We promote a positive environment, which fosters social progress through collaborative interactions.

Leadership is provided by UC Clermont College in partnership with the broader community. We serve as a regional resource offering guidance to address opportunities and challenges within the community.

Diversity in our students, faculty and staff enriches and strengthens our college community. We value diverse viewpoints, treat all individuals with respect and seek out unique contributions.

Sustainability is the maintenance and renewal of environmental, institutional and human resources of our college. We value the location, beauty and functionality of our campus, all of which enhance the quality of the college experience. We explore and promote sustainable lifestyles and economics to meet the future needs of students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.

Endorsed by UC Clermont College Faculty on September 27, 2012, and Staff on September 28, 2012.