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Headshot of Jeffrey C. Bauer

Jeffrey C. Bauer

Dean, CC College



Dr. Jeffrey C. Bauer is Dean of the University of Cincinnati - Clermont and Professor of Management and Marketing. Dr. Bauer's experience includes more than 10 years in industry and 25 years in academe. The University of Cincinnati - Clermont serves over 3,000 students in 60 academic programs on a beautiful wooded 90 acre campus. The college employs 160 full-time faculty and staff and 250 adjunct faculty with an annual operating budget of approximately $26M.
Headshot of Mona Sedrak

Mona Sedrak

Academic Director, Academic Affairs

(513) 732-5212

Headshot of Richard Stackpole

Richard Stackpole

Senior Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Headshot of Meagan Schalk

Meagan Schalk

Assistant Director, Academic Affairs

(513) 732-5262

Director of Online Learning

Headshot of Karen M. Lankisch

Karen M. Lankisch

Professor, CC Health Information Technology

285 CC West Woods Acad Cntr


Headshot of Grace Gu

Grace Gu

Senior Instructional Designer

(513) 732-8960

Headshot of Susan Riley

Susan Riley

Assistant Dean , Academic Initiatives

(513) 732-5324

Headshot of Julie Eagen

Julie Eagen

Senior Data Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness

(513) 558-5364

Headshot of Monika Royal-Fischer

Monika Royal-Fischer

Program Director, Experiential Learning and Career Development

Headshot of Glenda Neff

Glenda Neff

Director, Outreach Services

Headshot of Carol Adams

Carol Adams

Assistant to the Associate Dean/Program Manager, Science & Health

Snyder S262


Headshot of Nancy A. Reveal

Nancy A. Reveal

Program Manager, English, Languages & Fine Arts; Math, Computers, Geology & Physics

(513) 732-5274

Headshot of Brittany Tooson-Stahl

Brittany Tooson-Stahl

Senior HR Coordinator

(513) 732-5292

Headshot of Lori Vine

Lori Vine

Program Manager, Business, Law & Technology; Social Sciences

(513) 732-5245