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Headshot of Mona Sedrak

Mona Sedrak

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

(513) 732-5212

Headshot of Jeffrey C. Bauer

Jeffrey C. Bauer

Dean, CC College



Dr. Jeffrey C. Bauer is Dean of the University of Cincinnati - Clermont and Professor of Management and Marketing. Dr. Bauer's experience includes more than 10 years in industry and 25 years in academe. The University of Cincinnati - Clermont serves over 3,000 students in 60 academic programs on a beautiful wooded 90 acre campus. The college employs 160 full-time faculty and staff and 250 adjunct faculty with an annual operating budget of approximately $26M.
Headshot of Richard Stackpole

Richard Stackpole

Senior Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Headshot of Meagan Schalk

Meagan Schalk

Assistant Director, Academic Affairs

(513) 732-5262

Director of Online Learning

Headshot of Grace Gu

Grace Gu

Senior Instructional Designer

(513) 732-8960

Headshot of Susan Riley

Susan Riley

Assistant Dean , Academic Initiatives

(513) 732-5324

Headshot of Julie Eagen

Julie Eagen

Senior Data Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness

(513) 558-5364

Headshot of Lesley Dorhout

Lesley Dorhout

Educational Advisor

Headshot of Monika Royal-Fischer

Monika Royal-Fischer

Program Director, Experiential Learning and Career Development

Headshot of Glenda Neff

Glenda Neff

Director, Outreach Services

Headshot of Carol Adams

Carol Adams

Assistant to the Associate Dean/Program Manager, English, Languages & Fine Arts; Science & Health

Snyder S262


Headshot of Brittany Tooson-Stahl

Brittany Tooson-Stahl

Senior HR Coordinator; Program Manager, Math, Computers, Geology & Physics

(513) 732-5292

Headshot of Lori Vine

Lori Vine

Program Manager, Business, Law & Technology; Social Sciences

(513) 732-5245