UC Clermont

Moving Packing and Handling Information

Moving, Packing & Labeling Guidelines:

As you know, the process of moving can be stressful. The UC Clermont Facilities Management hopes the following guidelines will help you better prepare for your upcoming move. Download a copy of the guidelines for your records (PDF).

General Moving Information

All items intended to be moved MUST receive a label and MUST be packed (if feasible for the item to be packed). The office or room/space occupant who is moving is responsible for packing his/her own boxes and labeling ALL items to be moved. On EACH box, carton, or item to be moved, include your last name, as well as the NEW building and room number destination on the label.

Any items, boxes or cartons not labeled will NOT be moved. In some cases, label colors will be assigned to areas or departments during a large move. Only use the label color that has been assigned to your area or department. UCCC Facilities Management can provide boxes and labels upon request, and please request these items a minimum of three weeks prior to your scheduled move.

What to pack: The contents of all office furniture and all shelving must be packed in boxes. See below for more specific info regarding Vertical/Lateral/other file storage cabinets. Any item too large or awkward to fit into a moving box or carton shall receive a label directly on that item to be moved.

What NOT to pack: Do not pack any fragile or personal items (see more detail below). Also, do not pack any computer/phone components; instead, simply leave the computer/phone components on your desk and IT will move them to your new location.

What will NOT be moved: UCCC Facilities Management will NOT move full office furniture systems between offices, as the current system in each office will remain. We can review and possibly assist in some minor reconfigurations of a system within an office, but these requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Any costs resulting from the UCCC Facilities Management needing to call upon UC Moving Services or an outside furniture vendor for the reconfiguration will be charged to the department requesting the system changes.

Unpacking: The office or room/space occupant who is moving is responsible for unpacking all boxes/cartons and placing all items in their final positions. UCCC Facilities Management will place all boxes, cartons and items in the new office/room/space where practical.

Additional Information

Boxes and cartons: All boxes and cartons shall be properly assembled and closed. Do NOT over-pack boxes or cartons; pack so they do not weigh more than fifty pounds. Place move labels on the side of the box or carton and not on the top so the movers can still see labels when stacked on dollies or moving carts.

Fragile and personal items: You should pack and move anything yourself that is considered fragile and prone to probable damage during a normal move. UCCC Facilities Management is not responsible for any fragile items that are packed in boxes anyway and inadvertently broken during your move. All treasured personal items (trophies, mementos, treasured items, etc) should be temporarily taken home and brought back when you report to your new location.

Office/room upgrades: Unless specially requested and approved a minimum of two months prior to the scheduled move date, UCCC Facilities Management does not patch/paint offices/rooms nor do we replace carpeting during the normal moving process. Existing office furniture systems will be reused unless the furniture is extremely old and in need of replacement due to poor condition.

Purging: Please purge (and shred as necessary) all old files and unnecessary items prior to your scheduled move. Desk Items: Remove and pack all desk contents, as all office desks/furniture systems remain in their current location and will not be moved.

Special Equipment: "Special equipment" refers to copy machines, printers, data processing equipment, special technology, etc. This equipment may be leased or have a service agreement preventing us from moving them. Please review all special equipment with the UCCC Facilities Management.

Vertical file cabinets: Vertical cabinets can be moved loaded, but the office/room occupant is responsible for securing contents within the cabinet to avoid file shifting during the move.

Lateral file cabinets: All lateral file cabinets (open at front like a dresser drawer) must be completely unloaded, as lateral cabinets are not made to be moved fully loaded. Pack all contents in boxes or cartons. The preference is to keep lateral file cabinets in their current location, but this can be reviewed on a case by case basis depending on the storage needs for both the departing and arriving office/room occupant.

Misc. file/storage cabinets: Any other storage cabinet not classifying as a normal vertical file cabinet shall be completely unloaded with contents packed in boxes or cartons as well. For all file/storage cabinets agreed by UCCC Facilities Management to be moved to a new location, all doors and drawers shall be locked or taped shut so they do not slide open during the move.

Bookcases: Only small bookcases (less than or equal to 42 inches tall) will be moved. Remove all contents and pack into boxes or mobile shelf carts. If there are adjustable shelves, please remove the pegs or clips and pack in an envelope with your personal items.

Artwork: Small pictures/plaques need to be packed in boxes. If you have a very expensive piece of art, please notify UCCC Facilities Management so that a crate can be built for safe moving.

Large pictures, maps, bulletin boards: Leave on the wall — we will take down any labeled items and relocate. If you have a bulletin board with items on it, please remove these items and pack them into boxes or cartons.

Furniture casters: If possible, remove loose furniture casters and pack in cartons.

Keys: All keys will remain in the possession of the employee responsible for the locked items. Do not pack keys in boxes.

Trash: After packing, make sure to empty your trash cans. There is no need to move your trash to the new location. Do not use your trash can as a packing container.