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Policies and Procedures

Student Academic Policies

There are many policies involving student academic performance that all students should understand. Academic policies include the requirements and procedures for those on academic probation, course repeat, freshman credit and more.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct includes the behaviors following defined in Section B, Part 3 of the Student Code of Conduct:  

  • aiding and abetting academic misconduct
  • cheating
  • fabrication
  • plagiarism
  • violation of ethical or professional standards 

If you have a concern or inquiry about a student’s academic misconduct please contact:

Richard Stackpole, Senior Assistant Dean
UC Clermont, Academic Affairs
Snyder Hall, Room 162
Phone: 513-558-8308

University Policies

The University of Cincinnati has provided a single source for university-wide administrative policies, procedures and manuals. University of Cincinnati policies and procedures include UC Clermont College and must be followed unless otherwise stated.

Non-academic Misconduct

Non-academic misconduct covers a wide range of behaviors defined in Section C, Part 1 of the Student Code of Conduct.  This includes gender, race and ability discrimination or harassment, bullying, trespassing, misuse of property and possession or drugs, alcohol and weapons by students and student organizations.  The Student Code of Conduct is responsible for complaints from students, faculty, staff and visitors about student behaviors directed at other students, faculty, staff and visitors.

If you have a concern or inquiry about a student or student organization’s nonacademic misconduct please contact:
UC Clermont Non-academic Misconduct of any concern University-wide Gender, Equity and Inclusion University-wide Non-academic Misconduct
Jennifer Radt, Assistant Dean and Deputy Title IX Coordinator Adrienne Lyles, Executive Direction and Title IX Coordinator Ashleigh Wade, Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards
UC Clermont – Student Affairs and Services Office of Gender Equity and Inclusion
Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards
Student Services Building, Room 101 Usquare Suite 308, ML 0158 Steger Student Life Center, Room 745
Phone: 513-558-8234 Phone: 513-556-3349 Phone: 513-556-1458
Email: jennifer.radt@uc.edu Email: Adrienne.Lyles@uc.edu Email: ashleigh.wade@uc.edu

Additional Resources

If you have a concern or inquiry about a student’s physical or mental well-being:
Mental Well-Being Physical Well-Being Safety & Security
UC Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) UC Student Wellness Center UC Public Safety
Student Services Building, Room 201 675 Steger Student Life Center Snyder Hall, Room 170
Phone: 513-732-5263   Phone: 513-732-5200
Emergency 24/7: (513) 556-0648 Emergency: 911 Emergency: 911
Student in Crisis Resources   clc-pubsafety@ucmail.uc.edu

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