Online Application

Before you apply...

Review UC Clermont's 2019-2020 CCP Handbook (PDF):

  • admission requirements (page 12)
  • admission timelines (pages 13-15)
  • application 'how to's' and 'helpful hints' (pages 17-18)



New Students

If you have NOT taken an ‘on campus’ or ‘in high school’ class previously as a CCP student at UC Clermont, UC Blue Ash or UC Uptown, apply here:

  • Choose College Credit Plus as your application.
  • Provide an email address that you can check easily for a temporary pin that will be auto-emailed to you.  Note: The security protocols at some high schools are blocking this email. You may need to complete your application at home.
  • Do NOT submit a CCP Authorization Form. This form is required for UC Blue Ash and UC Uptown only.
    As long as you have submitted an Intent to Participate Form to your high school (or ODHE), you are ‘authorized’ to participate in UC Clermont's CCP program.
  • After you submit your application, "Check Your Status" regularly.


Returning Students

As long as you are a CCP student in ‘good academic standing’, you may continue in UC Clermont’s CCP program without submitting a ‘returning student’  application.  

►   In April, you will receive a CCP Updates newsletter. This email will include the following attachments: an updated CCP Registration Guide, an updated CCP Academic Calendar, and an updated CCP Textbook Guide.

►   CCP students on academic probation or dismissal: If you are on academic probation or dismissal, you must adhere to the restrictions detailed in your "academic actions" email. CCP students on academic probation or dismissal must adhere to the restrictions detailed in their ‘academic actions’ email.

►   CCP students who want to return after stopping out for TWO consecutive semesters:  If you want to register for ‘on campus’ or ‘online’ classes after stopping out for more than 2 consecutive semesters, you must email the Director of CCP for permission --