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Student Organizations

One of the best ways to get involved at UC is by joining a student organization!  The University of Cincinnati is home to over 500 student organizations that support a variety of interests. These interests range from political/activist, cultural, academic, social and many more!

Starting a New Organization

If you are unable to find a student organization to join you are more than welcome to start one of your own! Becoming a recognized student organization comes with many privileges including but not limited to:

  1. Reserve space on campus for meetings and activities
  2. Conduct approved fundraising projects on campus
  3. Participate in campus organization fairs
  4. Apply for funding through the University Funding Board (if eligible) for all campus projects and programs
  5. Apply for university awards
  6. Rent vehicles for organization travel
There are several requirements for becoming a registered student organization at UC. These requirements include:
  • Constitution and Bylaws consistent with University Policies
  • At least five matriculating University of Cincinnati student members
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • 1 faculty or staff advisor
  • Unique Mission statement (duplication of organizations is prohibited)
  • Complete CampusLINK application
  • Present to UC Clermont Student Government for approval

Registration Period for New Organizations 

New Student Organizations are able to submit an application at any time periods during the academic year.

The applications process includes completing the New Organization Registration process on CampusLINK.  To start this process, log in to CampusLINK and navigate to the Organizations tab at the top of your CampusLINK homepage. You will see a button that says Register an organization on the left side of the page underneath the search options.  The following requirements are needed to start a New Student Organization and will be submitted through the online process.

Clicking Register an organization will start your organization registration process.

Once Student Government reviews the new organization application on CampusLINK, a member of the board will reach out to the president of the organization. This Student Government member will serve as liaison for the potential new organization. The liaison will work with the group to refine their application, prepare to present to the board. At the SG meeting where the new org will present, the board has the opportunity to Approve, Deny, or Table the new organization based on the aforementioned criteria and university policy. 


Headshot of Jennifer Radt

Jennifer Radt

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs and Services