Social Sciences

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences and Humanities Department at Clermont College offers a wide range of disciplines and programs. We have Associate Degree Programs in Criminal Justice, Education, Human Social Services- Addictions specialty, Pre-Communication Science and Disorder, Pre-Organizational Leadership, Psychology, and Social Work (Addictions, and Human Social Services Technology). The department offers courses in the disciplines of Communications, History, Philosophy, and Sociology. In addition to the introductory and survey classes in these disciplines, students can also take a wide variety of specialized upper-division courses which reflect the areas of expertise of our faculty, such as Philosophy and Religion, Human Sexuality, Sociology of the Family, and Trends in Communication Technology and Business.

Department Information

Department Chair: Dr. Greg Loving
Office: Snyder Building 262A
Phone: 513-732-8974

Program Manager: Lori Vine
Office: West Woods Academic Center
Phone: 513-732-5245

The faculty of the Social Sciences and Humanities Department are experienced professionals with a dedication to teaching and the pursuit of scholarship; 16 out of 18 full time faculty members have terminal degrees in their fields, and most are published authors. One faculty member is published in four different languages, and another is the author of three books on Vietnam, while yet another has written on Fighting the Future War: An Anthology of Science Fiction War Stories, 1914-45. Social Sciences Department faculty have contributed chapters to major works on Communications, Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy. They are recognized scholars and experts in their fields. Our Criminal Justice program is lead by a nationally recognized authority on counter-terrorism and police training, who is a certified instructor for US Homeland Security in terrorist bombing, agro-terrorism and nuclear/radiological terror awareness and a consultant to the State of Ohio on terrorism and anti-terrorism training. Our Social Work and Addictions Program features one of the leading regional experts on opiate addiction, and our Education program faculty that have experience teaching K-12.