UC Clermont

Public Safety

UC Clermont's Public Safety Officers are part of the University of Cincinnati's Police Department. Their office is centrally located on the first floor of the Snyder building, room S-170. There is normally an officer on duty from 7 a.m.–11 p.m. Hours may vary due to emergency response, officer training, special event coverage, vacations and illness.

Student IDs and Employee IDs

The Public Safety Office makes all student, faculty and staff ID badges. Officers are available throughout the day as allowed by their other duties. Please stop by S-170 whenever you are on campus. If no one is in, please have the front desk call to see when an officer can be available.

The cost for a replacement for lost or stolen IDs is $35.

Access Control Readers

The UC Clermont campus utilizes card readers at most classroom, lab and exterior doors. If you are a new employee at UC Clermont, please visit the Public Safety office to obtain your card at no cost. Whenever your employment or teaching assignment ends, cards must be returned to the same office. All officers can lock or unlock offices and classrooms as needed.

Officer Response

UC Police/Public Safety coordinates and assists in police, fire and life squad responses to campus emergencies. Public Safety will also take official personal injury, accident and crime reports. The following is a list of procedures to follow for different situations.

For Non-Emergencies

During normal hours dial "0" to get the front desk (or 513-556-5400 from outside line), and ask for assistance. After hours call Public Safety by dialing 8-8213 from a UC phone, or 513-558-8213 from an outside line.

You may also email Public Safety at: clc-pubsafety@ucmail.uc.edu.

911 Procedure

From a UC phone: Dial "911" and STAY ON THE LINE. UC Police dispatch will answer your call 24 hours a day. Dialing 9-911, 9-556-1111 or 6-1111 will also put your call into the dispatcher.

From a cell phone or pay phone: Dial 513-556-1111 or just 911, and STAY ON THE LINE. When you dial 911 from a cell phone or public phone, then your call will be answered by the Clermont County 911 operator, not UC.

Fire Alarm Procedure

If you see flames or smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm and exit the building; then call Public Safety/911.

When a fire alarm goes off, evacuate the building through the nearest exit. DO NOT use the elevator! On upper floors, assist any persons in wheelchairs to exit the building. Wait until the "all clear" is given before re-entering the building. In the Peters-Jones Building there is an "Area Of Rescue Assistance" on the second floor. You will find an emergency phone at the top of the stairwell to arrange assistance in evacuating wheelchair bound persons.

Emergency Classroom Procedure

If you are teaching and have an emergency in your classroom (student becomes ill or injured), you should stay with the student. Have someone call 911 or send a student to the red Emergency Phone outside the Library (M-120). This does not require a coin. After completing the 911 call, a student should locate the Public Safety Officer and let him know what happened. After hours, a second student should be sent to watch for the Life Squad to direct them to the classroom.

Car Trouble

Officers can help you with a dead battery and try to retrieve your keys if you lock them in your car. Call the UC Clermont College front desk or 513-556-1111 for assistance.

Accident Procedure

If an accident occurs, call Public Safety so that an officer can respond and prepare an accident report. For auto accidents in the parking lot or driveway, UC Police will provide a report or call outside police agencies as needed. Form A-1352(a) Initial Report on Occupational/Work Related Illness or Injury must be filed if an employee is injured or involved in an accident of any kind (including the parking lot). For employees this is especially important if medical care becomes necessary later. Forms are available in the Business Office and should be returned to them when completed.

Incident Report Procedure

An Incident Report must be completed for any thefts, damage to, or loss of property, as well as any circumstance where the police are called. Notify UC Clermont Public Safety (contact front desk) and an officer will contact you to complete the appropriate forms.

Bad Weather Information

The University of Cincinnati is always remains open during normal business hours. However, during periods of severe inclement weather, public emergency or other crisis, the President or a designated officer may announce that some or all of the University's office and facilities are closed for part or all of a workday. Announcements regarding closures shall be made through the University of Cincinnati e-mail systems and through the local news media: WGUE, WCKY, WKRC, WLW, WLQA, WUBE. The announcements will specify which work units are to be closed. Faculty and staff may call UC Clermont's hotline to hear a recording about any closings and delays.

Lost and Found

All items found in classrooms or public areas should be brought to the Public Safety Office. If you have lost something, come to Public Safety Office to retrieve it.

Maintenance Help

You may always contact Public Safety for their assistance in locating the proper help. However, the front desk can page maintenance personnel. Dial "0" to contact the front desk and they will relay your concern to the appropriate maintenance staff.