UC Clermont

Center for Teaching, Learning and Innovation

The UC Clermont Center for Teaching, Learning and Innovation (CTL&I) collaborates with faculty and staff to provide enriched educational experiences to our students. CTL&I supports faculty, staff and students through faculty and staff development, high-quality course design, assistance in learning technologies and technology support.

Services We Provide

  • Instructional Design & Course Review
  • Faculty Development (Canvas, Online/Hybrid Teaching/Digital Teaching Tools)
  • eAccessibility Guidance
  • Media Services (Video and Audio)

To see a list of services we provide and training schedules, please go to CTL&I Bearcats Landing Page.

Location and Contact Information

Our Team

Jill Segerman, Ph.D.

Karen Lankisch, Ph.D.

  • Inaugural Director Emeritus, CTL&I Advisory Board Chair  
  • Professor of Health Information Systems Technology
  • Email: lankiskn@ucmail.uc.edu

Grace Gu, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Director, Center of Teaching, Learning, & Innovation 
  • Email: guje@ucmail.uc.edu

Yeison Pavas, M.A.