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Career-Technical Credit Transfer

Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2 Verification of Course/Program Completion Process

How (CT)2 Works

(CT)2 works by aligning the content of career and technical programs at high schools, career centers and Ohio Technical Centers with courses at Ohio's community colleges and universities.

Students that complete coursework at a Great Oaks CTC campus, Southern Hills CTC, US Grant CTC, Butler Tech CTC or any other Career & Technical program in Ohio may be eligible to receive college credits at the University of Cincinnati.

How to get (CT)2 credits

  • The student is only responsible for filling out and signing Part I of the Verification Form. The Verification Form is then completed by career-institution (high school, career center, vocational schools, Ohio Technical Center) that offered the career-technical program.
  • Find the Part I Verification Form for your career-technical school program of study here: https://www.ohiohighered.org/node/5076
  • Career-technical institution fills out Part II and Part III of Verification Form and mails the completed Verification Form (Parts I, II, and III) to the appropriate college/university.
  • In some cases the career technical institution is responsible for attaching end of program assessment scores (e.g., Intro to Education Portfolio Score, and I.T. OCTCA/WebXam end of program assessment scores).
  • Verification Form should be sent by the Career-technical institution to:

When the college/university has verified the student's records, credit will be awarded. The college/university should inform the student of when the credit will be posted to the student's transcript.

Note: The time it takes to place (CT)2 credit on a student's college/university transcript varies by institution. The institution should inform the student of when he/she should expect to see their (CT)2 credit on an official college/university transcript. If the college credit is not placed on the student's transcript before registering for the next semester, the student should inform his/her advisor during scheduling for the next semester.

To make an appointment with an academic advisor at UC Clermont, stop by the Student Services Building or call 513-558-8317.