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Math, Computers, Geology & Physics

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We are the Mathematics, Computers, Geography/Geology and Physics Department of UC Clermont College. We constitute three program areas and three service areas

We offer an exciting and diverse range of excellent programs, certificates and courses that include both traditional and distance learning options. Our faculty are located in three different locations: UC Clermont's Batavia campus, UC East and the Clermont County airport. Our programs are regularly refreshed and designed to provide important knowledge and develop valuable workforce skills in their respective areas.

MCGP is student centered, and we desire to inspire our students to achieve their goals and educational potential. Please see our strategic map for more on our department's Mission, Vision, Values and Culture statements. We welcome your questions and feedback and invite you to become part of our MCGP family.

Department Mission Statement

We are a student-centered, faculty-led department which strives to be performance driven, progressive, innovative and operationally lean. 

Department Information

Department Chair

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Ian Clough

Assoc Professor, CC Mathematics

S252L CC Snyder Addition



Program Manager

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Brittany Tooson-Stahl

Senior HR Coordinator; Program Manager, Math, Computers, Geology & Physics

(513) 732-5292