UC Clermont

Medical & Immunization Requirements

Some of the college's programs and courses (e.g., athletes, allied health students, international students) have medical and immunization requirements. A brief description of these requirements, or a link to the programs' webpages, are outlined below.


Athletes are required to complete a physical and be cleared by a physician prior to participation. They are also required to sign a liability waiver and acknowledgement of the policies and procedures.

For additional information, contact Brian Sullivan at 513-558-1559.

International Students

International Student Medical History/Immunization Form

This form is intended for international students who will be attending classes at the University of Cincinnati. Health screenings for incoming international students are held at the West Campus (Lindner clinic).

Please call 513-556-2564 for more details.



University Health Services
Registered students of the University of Cincinnati may be seen at University Health Services (UHS). For more information, visit the UHS website at www.med.uc.edu/uhs.