UC Clermont

Police Academy Financial Considerations


Tuition: *$2,658 per semester
Academy Administration Fee: $50 (Payable at initial interview, NON-REFUNDABLE)
Administrative Supplies, Ammunition & Firearm Fee: $300 per semester
Uniforms (purchased at orientation): $152.50 to $167.50 (depending on size required)

In addition, a $150 gun belt deposit is required. This is refunded when you complete the program and return the belt.

Payment Schedule**
Payment #1: $50 Administrative Fee - Payment made at interview.
Payment #2: $2,958 1st semester tuition & supply fees due 10 days before classes start.
Payment #3: $2,958 2nd semester tuition & supply fees due 10 days before classes start.

*Tuition subject to change

**If you are interested in a payment plan for your tuition payments, please go to www.onestop.uc.edu, select "Billing" and "sign up for payment plan". Please contact 513-556-1000 for more information about tuition and payment plans.

Financial Aid
: 513-732-5202
Veterans' Benefits: Jennifer Radt, 513-732-8964

Student Health Insurance

Any student who registers for six (6) credit hours or more will be automatically billed for University Health coverage. If you are already covered by health insurance that is equal to or greater than University Health Insurance, you may waive UC's Student Health Insurance. For more information, please visit www.uc.edu/uhs/studenthealthinsurance.