UC Clermont

Strategic Plan

Strategic Direction One: Distinction in Academics

Goal One - Students: Establish and embrace a culture where high student success is the expected norm.

Goal Two - Academics: Achieve a culture of excellence in all academic areas, programs and student support functions.

Goal Three - Faculty: Attract and retain highly effective faculty that embrace the mission, vision and values of UC Clermont.

Goal Four - Staff: Attract and retain highly effective staff that embraces the mission, vision and values of UC Clermont. 

Strategic Direction Two: Community Impact & Outreach

Goal One: Sustain and grow a culture of community, service and engagement among students, staff, faculty, and administrators.

Goal Two: Engage and partner with businesses and organizations.  

Strategic Direction Three: Lead in Innovation

Goal One: Engage in continuous environmental scanning to improve and develop leading-edge programs, certificates and course offerings.

Goal Two: Develop impactful marketing and recruitment plans that are based on future  demographic trends and community needs, which give the college a competitive advantage.

Goal Three: Continuously encourage faculty, staff, and students to challenge the status quo and find new and innovative ways to partner, teach and learn.

Goal Four: Develop new sources of revenue.

Strategic Direction Four: Inclusive Excellence

Goal One: Attract and retain students from diverse backgrounds.

Goal Two: Lead our community in the recruitment, development and support by hiring an inclusive and diverse faculty and staff.

Goal Three: Create and support an inclusive environment that celebrates the unique diversity of UC Clermont while developing culturally aware graduates, faculty and staff.

Strategic Direction Five: Responsibility in Stewardship

Goal One: Dynamically re-align our priorities in resource allocation based on external and internal environmental factors.

Goal Two: Strengthen multi-year budget planning.

Goal Three: Advance a budget aware culture through the professional development of administrators and staff.

Goal Four: Ensure effective planning and maintenance of campus facilities and technology delivery systems.