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Upward Bound

Upward Bound, a TRIO Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education and offered locally through UC Clermont College, provides academic support and motivation to help students graduate from high school, successfully enroll in college and complete a college degree.

What Makes Upward Bound Unique?

UC Clermont Upward Bound creates a life-long learning community that enables Clermont and Brown County high school students to develop and enhance the intellectual, cultural and social skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education.

In addition, Upward Bound recognizes that every student is unique and uses an individualized approach to help participants develop their potential and set realistic goals.

All program services are provided at no cost to participants or their families.  

Goals for Upward Bound Participants:

  • Improve high school performance
  • Enroll in post-secondary education
  • Graduate from college

Who is Eligible?

Upward Bound only serves a total of 72 9th - 12th grade students each year.

Participation is competitive and selective. Many students are referred by their school guidance counselor or teachers, but highly motivated students are encouraged to apply.

Upward Bound applicants must:

  • Have completed the 8th grade
  • Be between the ages of 13 and 19
  • Have a desire and need for academic support
  • Intend to enroll in and complete postsecondary education
  • Be the first generation in your family to go to college and/or meet federal income guidelines
  • Attend one of the following schools:
    • Batavia High School
    • Bethel-Tate High School
    • Clermont Northeastern High School
    • Felicity-Franklin High School
    • Georgetown High School
    • Goshen High School
    • Western Brown High School
    • Williamsburg High School

Academic Year Services

  • Academic tutoring, including: mathematics (through pre-calculus), laboratory science, foreign language, composition and literature and other subjects
  • Assistance with college applications/essays, financial aid (help applying for grants and scholarships) and preparation for college entrance examinations (ACT, SAT)
  • Financial Literacy (budgeting and money management) for participants and their parents/guardians
  • Social, cultural, career and educational field trips
  • Career Exploration information and activities, including job shadowing
  • College tours
  • Awards Ceremony to recognize and celebrate participants’ achievements

Summer Services

We offer a six-week Summer Academy (June - July) that includes: hands-on science projects, higher math, language arts, field trips, cultural and career activities, all designed to give participants an academic advantage, introduce them to campus life, teach college survival skills and increase their social skills/ confidence.

Student Participant Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the program throughout their years in high school
  • Utilize academic tutoring when needed
  • Attend Saturday Academy twice a month during the school year
  • Attend a six-week Summer Academy
  • Maintain good academic standing in all classes (a GPA of 2.5)

Parent/Guardian Opportunities

  • Attend parent financial literacy workshops
  • Attend program orientations and awards ceremonies

How to Apply



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