UC Clermont

Aviation Financial Considerations

The Aviation Technology program at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College is subject to additional fees related to the operation of aircraft and individualized instruction. Below is an outline of expected costs, but in this technical training environment, costs can vary.

Medical Certificate (Approx. Cost = $120)

Students enrolling in the Aviation Technology program must obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Medical Certificate (First Class recommended) prior to beginning flight training. Medical certification can be obtained from any FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

Dr. John Held is available on select Saturdays at the aviation campus (Clermont County Airport). Call for an appointment (513-735-9100 x0). You may also search for additional Aviation Medical Examiners in your area online at http://ame.cami.jccbi.gov.

Examination Fees (Approx. Cost = $2,500)
Three FAA written examinations are required for the certificates and rating you will receive while enrolled in the program. Written examinations may be taken on the aviation campus at a cost of $160 each. There are also four practical examinations (flight tests) administered by an FAA Designated Examiner at an approximate cost of $500 each.

Special Equipment and Texts (Approx. Cost = $800)
Flight training requires some specialized equipment. The pilot supplies needed (headset, flight computer, fuel tester, charts, etc.) will be primarily one-time purchases at an approximate cost of $800. The average cost of the aviation textbooks and materials is $100 per semester. We recommend that you do not buy your aviation textbooks/equipment until after the first day of class. The instructor will discuss important information regarding the selection of texts/equipment.

Flight Fees (Cost = $8,757 per semester)

Aviation flight fees include the cost of aircraft operation and associated flight and ground instruction for five semesters of aviation course work. The flight fees are associated with your Pilot Flight sequence of courses (AVTN 2021, 2022, 3021, 3022, 3023). This fee will appear on your invoice from the University when registering for one of these courses and must be paid prior to beginning each semester. Fees are based upon the minimum required flight training. An aviation fuel surcharge may be assessed on a semester basis depending on market conditions.

Students are responsible for costs associated with additional flight training. A minimum account balance of $500 is required at all times. Excess funds are refundable upon completion of the program.

At the successful completion of training, you will receive a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single-Engine Land and Instrument Ratings. In addition, the program offers an option of a multiengine rating. The total cost of the Single-Engine program includes the following:

Cost of Single-Engine Program
Single-Engine Program Requirements Amount of Time Needed in Hours
Cessna 172 Skyhawk 167
Retractable Gear Airplane 19
Flight Simulator 18
Instruction 225

Aircraft Insurance (Approx. Cost = $600 annually)
When using program aircraft, students are covered with aircraft liability insurance for third party bodily injury and property damage claims. The aircraft insurance does not cover renters or students in the event of damage to the aircraft they are flying. In other words, renters, including solo student pilots, are responsible for aircraft damage. The only exception is if they are on a dual, instructional flight.

All aircraft renters are encouraged to carry their own renter's aircraft physical damage (hull) insurance. A minimum of $60,000 in hull coverage is recommended which can be obtained for approximately $600 annually. Please visit Sporty's Academy for more information.

Financial Aid

Financial aid and student loans are available for all costs and fees associated with the aviation program. It takes approximately 12 weeks to obtain money through most financial aid programs. For more information, please contact the Clermont College Financial Aid Office at 513-732-5284. For a listing of collegiate aviation scholarships, go to www.SportysAcademy.com/scholarships.

Please note: The Aviation Technology program is NOT approved for VA benefits.


For additional questions, contact Eric Radtke, Aviation Technology program coordinator, at Eric.Radtke@uc.edu.