UC Clermont

UC Clermont Athletics Hall of Fame

The UC Clermont Cougars are proud of the many athletes that come through our program and continue to make their mark on their communities. The Hall of Fame is our way of saying thanks for a job well done.

Hall of Fame Criteria

Eligibility Requirements

A nominee shall:

  1. Have attended UC Clermont College for a minimum of two academic years.
  2. Have been disassociated with the university for a period of at least four years (does not need to have graduated from UC Clermont). Exceptions can be made by the committee if less than four years have passed, with valid reasoning.

Selection Criteria

Nominees who meet eligibility requirements will be considered for induction to the UC Clermont Athletics Hall of Fame in two categories of membership: Individual, Team or Special Citation. The criteria for each selection in each category is as follows:


Athletic performance, team contributions, achievement and/or leadership in sports competition evidenced by:

  • Post-season honors; minimum qualification while participating in the USCAA is 2nd team All- American.  State and other awards received prior to entrance into the USCAA conference will be considered.
  • Record-setting performances.
  • Additional community involvement.
  • Athletic achievement earned after tenure at UC Clermont will be considered but only as a compliment to the individual's athletic career while at UC Clermont.

Special Citation

Coaches, administrators and contributors:

  • Coaches must have compiled a significant winning record for a minimum of five complete seasons while contributing to future success.
  • Administrators and Contributors must have made special contributions to the quality, growth and reputation of UC Clermont’s intercollegiate athletics program at the community, state or national level.
  • Teams winning the USCAA National Championship will automatically be inducted into the UC Clermont Hall of Fame as a team.

Past UC Clermont Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees

Inducted in 2014:
Katie Ely - Women's Basketball
Joe Lauver - Men's Golf Coach
Bobby Noeth - Baseball
Cindy Votel - Volleyball & Women's Basketball
2013 Baseball World Series Champs

Inducted in 2010:
Stefan Dunn - Men's Basketball
Nicole Kinney - Softball
Kelley Koons - Volleyball
Brian McMonigle - Men's Basketball

Inducted in 2010:
Stefan Dunn - Men's Basketball
Nicole Kinney - Softball
Kelley Koons - Volleyball
Brian McMonigle - Men's Basketball

Inducted in 2007:
Liz Flammer - Women's Basketball
Joe Harpring - Volleyball Head Coach
Greg Lawrence - Men's Basketball

Inducted in 2006:
Donna Lauver - Service
Scott Nelson - Men's Basketball
Meagan Ooten - Volleyball

Inducted in 2005:
Peggy Hager - Service
Dan Muchmore - Men's Basketball
Phil Sinkovich- Men's Basketball